Vive la Fête

Vive la Fête (French for ‘Long live the party’) is an electroclash band, founded in 1997 in Gent, Belgium. The core of the band is formed by full-time rockstar Danny Mommens (guitar and vocals) and Els Pynoo (vocals). The two lovers decided to combine their talents and create an entire universe dedicated to glamour, humour, and love. They had the good idea of naming themselves after the best possible kind of command: Vive La Fête!

The musical combination is pretty surprising too! Groups like the Klaxons might be getting lauded for their originality these days, but never forget that Vive La Fête were some of the first to dare to merge two seemingly incompatible musical trends and make of them something wild.

Vive La Fête is kind of like, if you took an 80’s pop sample, a bit of cold wave, the best kind of electronica, a smidgen of rock and the voice and lyrics of 60s French songstresses under the influence of Serge Gainsbourg… and then shook them all up. The resultant cocktail is one hell of a unique explosion! A true shot of pure eroticism. Add the fact that Danny and Els are hot with an innate sense of sexy showmanship (Make up? Check! Costumes? Check! Energy? Check!) success had to be just round the corner…

After their first full albums (2000’s Attaque Surpriseand 2001’s Republique Populaire ) Vive La Fête were soon spotted by Karl Lagerfeld, who went on to declare himself their number one fan! He convinced them to do the music to accompany the 2002 Chanel shows in Paris, Tokyo and Las Vegas, were invited by the Royal Family of Monaco to play at their prestigious Bal De La Rose and played hip clubs and cool festivals worldwide. They quickly gained media and public recognition with their outrageous live show and honest music. Then came more albums ( Nuit Blanche in 2003, Grand Prix in 2005, Jour De Chance in 2007), and tours and releases all over the world, and passion … wherever they go.

With every new album comes a new live show ! VLF plays all major European festivals like Roskilde, Gurten, Benicassim, Arvika, Lowlands, Paleo, Pinkpop and was invited to play at the prestigious Montreal & Montreux Jazz Festivals.
Check them out if you get the chance, Vive La Fête live is lots of positive energy on stage and very rock’n roll.