$uicideboy$ is an American hip bounce couple from New Orleans, Louisiana, established in 2014 by cousins Ruby da Cherry and $crim. Through the music sharing stage SoundCloud, the pair rose to notoriety for their rough, self-delivered beats, just as their brutal melodious substance and topics conspicuously highlighting substance use issue and self-destructive ideation. The couple are viewed as a standout amongst the most mainstream craftsmen in the underground rap scene, and are additionally considered to have a clique following. They possess and work their own name, G*59 Records, under which the majority of their music is agreed upon.

The music of Suicideboys changes between various subgenres of rap; while a few melodies have despairing tones with expressive substance that spotlights on subjects, for example, gloom and self-destructive ideation (points not generally uncovered in rap music), others are uncontrollably forceful, with topics of brutality and sexual substance. A portion of their music is based around life experiencing childhood in New Orleans; tune titles, for example, Audubon, Tulane, Elysian Fields and St. Bernard reflect roads and neighborhoods that impacted the life of Arceneaux and Petrou. An enormous bit of their music centers around misery and its side effects, an edge not regularly got in standard hip bounce; Arceneaux expounded on this in a meeting with Mass Appeal, expressing, “many individuals accept it as emotional, or discouraged music, or negative music… it’s extremely simply associating. It’s treatment, through music”. Barring intermittent visitor makers, the total of Suicideboys’ discography is self-created, predominantly by Arceneaux under his pen name Dwyer (a respect to the previous lawmaker of a similar name).

$crim was conceived Scott Arceneaux Jr. on April 11, 1989 in Marrero, Louisiana. Arceneaux initially was propelled by T-Pain and Kanye West to deliver music, purchasing his first workstation which he used to begin DJing with cash picked up from selling drugs. Arceneaux’s enthusiasm for DJing stretched out when he began to go to Delgado Community College, where he was procured to DJ parties. He likewise worked selling utilized furnishings, getting terminated for his new hand tattoos following three years.

Ruby da Cherry was conceived Aristos Petrou (Αρίστος Πέτρου) on April 22, 1990 to an American mother and Greek Cypriot dad. Brought up in Metairie, Louisiana, Petrou’s enthusiasm for music started when he was seven, playing violin and after that drums when he was ten, in the end joining groups in center school. He worked at his dad’s café as a server, an occupation he held until 2015. His involvement with the underground rock scene proceeded as he joined the band Vapo-Rats as its drummer; be that as it may, baffled with the aloofness his bandmates appeared towards the eventual fate of the band, Petrou left so as to seek after a profession in hip-jump with Arceneaux.

Arceneaux and Petrou are cousins, and in that capacity shared a cozy relationship growing up. Understanding that both were keen on paying attention to a melodic profession, and both disappointed with the bearing of their lives, the two framed Suicideboys, making a settlement that if their melodic vocation didn’t work out, the two of them would end it all. Expounding on this in a meeting with Mass Appeal, Arceneaux states that, “it was practically similar to cutting the hand, dying, and making an agreement that there’s no arrangement B, that if this doesn’t occur when we’re 30, I’m blowing my brains out”.

The pair’s first task together, a three-track EP named Kill Yourself Part I: The $uicide $aga, was discharged in June 2014 on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, drawing in consideration for their coordinated effort with striking underground rapper Bones. In the next months, the pair discharged a further nine cycles of the Kill Yourself arrangement. After various joint effort EPs with individual underground craftsman Black Smurf, their first full length task titled Gray/Gray was discharged on March 3, 2015.

Suicideboys’ underground leap forward accompanied the arrival of 2015 EP $outh $ide $uicide, a coordinated effort with set up South Florida rapper Pouya, which push the pair into the underground rap spotlight. Other 2015 discharges incorporate seventh or St. Tammany, YUNGDEATHLILLIFE, High Tide in the Snake’s Nest, Gray Sheep EP, I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel (part I and II), My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can’t, Now The Moon’s Rising and G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S. with individual g59 rapper RAMIREZ.

The couple’s first attack onto the standard melodic outlines accompanied the arrival of Radical $uicide in the mid year of 2016. The five-track EP, created by EDM artist Getter, topped at number 17 on the Billboard Rap diagrams. Other 2016 discharges incorporate Dark Side of the Clouds, Gray Sheep II, Eternal Gray, I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel (part III), G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S.I.I. with RAMIREZ, DIRTYNASTY$UICIDE with GERM, and Black $uicide Side C with Black Smurf.

In 2017 the young men discharged another 10 cycles of the Kill Yourself arrangement, they likewise dropped DIRTIERNASTIER$UICIDE, with GERM.

On September 7, 2018, their introduction studio collection I Want to Die in New Orleans was discharged. An announcement posted by the couple’s authentic Instagram record expressed, “We began recording this collection in the start of 2017. At first we needed to expound on our encounters out and about and express how our lives had turned out to be somewhat increasingly excessive.”

In late 2018, talk emerged that the gathering had separated after a progression of foreboding tweets. Be that as it may, they before long explained that the tweets were in connection to “individual issues” confronting Arceneaux, and that they had in actuality not separated.