The Knife

A brother-and-sister duo hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, the Knife take motivation from vintage synth popular and ground breaking electronic music, creating a sound that is similarly disrupting, fun loving, and delightful. Olof and Karin Dreijer shaped the Knife in 1999 and chipped away at their music in their home studios, discharging their first single, Afraid of You, in 2000 and their 2001 self-titled introduction collection all alone Rabid Records mark. In 2003, the Knife were named for two Grammys, one for Best Pop Group of the Year and one for Best Pop Album for their second collection, Deep Cuts. Nonetheless, the Dreijers boycotted the function, sending two individuals in gorilla ensembles to dissent the predominance of male acts in the music business. They additionally discharged the Hanna Med H Soundtrack soon thereafter.

In 2004, the Knife started take a shot at their third collection in bizarre areas, including a previous carbon dioxide manufacturing plant and the vaults of Stockholm’s Grand Church, before completing their sessions in a progressively traditional studio. The next year, José González’s front of the Deep Cuts single “Pulses” (which was from his 2003 collection Veneer) showed up in a business for Sony’s Bravia and turned into a hit, procuring more approval for the Dreijers outside of Sweden. Right off the bat in 2005, the Knife played out their first-historically speaking live show at London’s ICA, showing up with Rex the Dog (who additionally completed a remix of González’s form of “Pulses”) and playing before video made for the occasion by craftsman Andreas Nilsson. His work additionally showed up on How I Found the Knife, a DVD/CD set that incorporated the majority of the band’s recordings, short movies, and remixes, which was discharged that late spring.

The Knife and Nilsson collaborated again for the video for the title track of the gathering’s third collection, Silent Shout, which was discharged in mid 2006 in Sweden and that mid year in the U.S. (by Mute) and U.K. (by Brille). The Knife’s darkest, most goal-oriented work to date, the collection highlighted singles, for example, We Share Our Mother’s Health, which incorporated a blend by Trentemøller. The duo played a bunch of European, Scandinavian, and North American dates in 2006, joined by a greater amount of Nilsson’s visuals. That fall, Mute reissued The Knife and Deep Cuts.

The Knife’s next venture was Tomorrow, in a Year, a drama appointed by the Danish execution bunch Hotel Pro Forma and enlivened by Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species. Working with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock, the duo recorded the collection in Berlin, Stockholm, and Copenhagen throughout 2008 and 2009. During that time, Karin Dreijer likewise took a shot at her own venture Fever Ray with maker Christoffer Berg; oneself titled introduction collection landed in 2009, and Tomorrow, in a Year was discharged in 2010. From the get-go in 2013, the Knife discharged another melody, “Brimming with Fire,” and reported their fourth collection, Shaking the Habitual. Another single, A Tooth for an Eye, landed before the collection. A disrupting hour and a half reflection on themes including legislative issues and nature, Shaking the Habitual was discharged that April. The Knife restored the next June with Shaken Up Versions, a smaller than expected collection of a portion of the band’s melodies as they performed them on the Shaking the Habitual visit.