Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age is a rock band from Palm Desert, California, United States. The band is often marked stoner rock, despite the fact that they dismiss the name. They built up a style of riff-arranged, substantial music which the band’s author and driving force Josh Homme portrayed as “robot rock”, saying that he “needed to make an overwhelming sound dependent on a strong jam, simply pound it into your head”. From that point forward, their sound has advanced to fuse a wide range of styles and impacts.

While in secondary school, Homme got together with local people Brant Bjork, Chris Cockrell (later supplanted by Nick Oliveri) and John Garcia bringing about the arrangement of Kyuss (right off the bat known as “Children of Kyuss”). Queens of the Stone Age shaped in 1997, ascending from the powder of Kyuss and started playing together during the now amazing Desert Sessions. Homme has drawn the majority of the individuals from that differing gathering of performers for Queens of the Stone Age. The band initially shaped under the name Gamma Ray, however nearly confronted a claim from the European metal band of a similar name.

Queens of the Stone Age have experienced many line-up changes since first breaking into the hard rock scene. Their latest line-up incorporates: Josh Homme (guitar, vocals), Troy Van Leeuwen (guitar, lap steel, consoles, backing vocals), Jon Theodore (drums, percussion), Michael Shuman (bass, backing vocals), and Dean Fertita (consoles, guitar, backing vocals).

Previous center individuals incorporate Joey Castillo, Alain Johannes, Natasha Shneider, Mark Lanegan, and Nick Oliveri, among other individuals and givers. In 2002, with respect to the band line-up, Homme stated: “It truly is to a greater degree a melodic examination… It continues moving and rethinking itself. That way we never get painted into a corner.”

Dave Grohl recorded drums, percussion and sponsorship vocals on Songs for the Deaf and visited in help of the collection in 2002 preceding coming back to the Foo Fighters. Grohl likewise showed up in 2007, to play Make It mind Chu, and recorded tracks on … Like Clockwork, following Joey Castillo’s takeoff.

Imprint Lanegan has for quite some time been an on/off vocalist for the band, visited from 2001 to 2005 and showed up in 2007 and 2010. He has recorded with the band on all collections aside from their self-titled presentation collection. Lanegan has likewise played consoles in live exhibitions during the visit going before the arrival of Lullabies to Paralyze, before Natasha Shneider joined the band.

Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri were viewed as the main two steady Queens of the Stone Age individuals. Oliveri had recently played close by Homme in the band Kyuss and joined Queens of the Stone Age as its lasting bass guitarist and co-lead vocalist, in 1998, upon the arrival of its presentation collection, Queens of the Stone Age. Being companions since adolescence, the two coincided well together. Oliveri’s punk foundation brought a component of peril and frame of mind to the Queens’ live shows. As the band’s two center individuals, the couple recorded the leap forward collections, Rated R and Songs for the Deaf, together. Oliveri’s one of a kind “wailing” singing style made him effectively discernable on tunes, for example, Six Shooter from the collection Songs for the Deaf; he likewise shows a progressively melodic singing style in Rated R tunes, for example, Auto Pilot.