Nick Drake

Nick Drake, in full Nicholas Rodney Drake, (conceived June 19, 1948, Rangoon [now Yangon], Myanmar [Burma]—kicked the bucket November 25, 1974, Tanworth-in-Arden, England), English artist, musician, and guitarist known for emotive vocals, solemn verses, and rich songs. Drake never accomplished far reaching acknowledgment in his lifetime however enlivened a religion following in the decades following his demise.

Drake was brought essentially up in the English town of Tanworth-in-Arden and played the saxophone and clarinet in school. He took up the guitar at age 16 and started composing melodies two years after the fact. In 1968 he was found at a London execution by Ashley Hutchings of the folk shake bunch Fairport Convention and presently marked an agreement with Island Records. Drake’s introduction collection, Five Leaves Left (1969), which was shepherded by Fairport Convention’s prestigious maker, Joe Boyd, compared delicate songs and unobtrusive despairing verses. Highlighting individuals from Fairport Convention and again delivered by Boyd, Drake’s next collection, Bryter Later (1970), uncovered a progressively lavish and light stable.

Continuously loath to performing live, Drake, by 1970, had surrendered it completely. He sank into delayed times of gloom and developed progressively hermitic, recording his last collection, Pink Moon (1972), completely alone and registering himself with a mental establishment for a little while soon after its finish. In the wake of chronicle a couple of more tunes, in late 1974 he passed on at his folks’ home from an overdose of upper prescription. The coroner thought of him as a conceivable suicide, however a few loved ones couldn’t help contradicting the appraisal.

Albeit none of his collections sold well while he was alive, Drake’s music kept on being found by new fans and performed by different vocalists. In the mid 21st century his melodies started showing up in movies and TV programs and advertisements, carrying another degree of attention to his music. Memoirs included Nick Drake: The Biography (1997), by Patrick Humphries; Darker than the Deepest Sea: The Search for Nick Drake (2006), by Trevor Dann; and Nick Drake: Remembered for some time (2014), a gathering of letters, photos, and expositions gathered by Gabrielle Drake, his sister.