Justice is an electronic music duo from Paris, France, shaped in 2003 and comprising of Gaspard Augé (brought into the world 21 May, 1979) and Xavier de Rosnay (brought into the world 2 July, 1982). They are for the most part known for their remix of Simian’s “Never Be Alone”, later renamed “We Are Your Friends”, just as their “Waters of Nazareth” EP and their single arrival of ”D.A.N.C.E.”. Their presentation collection is entitled “†” yet is regularly spelled out “Cross”. Justice are the most monetarily effective follow up on the mark of Pedro Winter (Busy P), Ed Banger.

Justice In the mid year of 2003 a few youthful bad-to-the-bone fans set up their heads together and chose to make a band that would work things up and stand up. Mooched out and yet roused by the stale situation in-your-face at the time, JUSTICE burst onto the scene with a concealed vitality, an upright frame of mind and the assurance to turn things around. Over three years down the line and after some line up changes, a huge number of generally welcomed discharges (their demo, two EP’s and a full length) and innumerable visits and shows (in Europe and the States), it is protected to state their main goal’s been cultivated. JUSTICE has turned into an easily recognized name to no-nonsense/punk children worldwide and they have achieved that by doing what they specialize: recorded as a hard copy snappy, legit and significant melodies and support everything up with a crazy hard working attitude.

What all the nay-sayers and know-it-alls needed to state never staged JUSTICE. They simply kept on buckling down and never thought back. For them, this isn’t tied in with being cool or getting acclaim… It is about an affection for in-your-face in the entirety of its angles and a will to be heard. Not content with kicking back and trusting that things will occur, they have put out the vast majority of their own records and booked the majority of their own visits. Not terrified of progress, the have kept on widening their sound with each discharge, provoking themselves and the audience to make things a couple of strides further without fail. Without a doubt, the vitality still overflows from the breaks and that young outrage is still there, yet during that time JUSTICE’s sound has turned out to be increasingly melodic, heartfelt and scoring.

For their second full length collection, “Adventures”, JUSTICE chose to collaborate with Reflections Records from Holland. This dedicated and all around regarded name will ensure that the band’s special sound and message gets out to everybody needs to hear it and everybody that cherishes their bad-to-the-bone genuine and valid. “Capers” is a record that should be heard. It has the right to be heard in light of the fact that it is certified, legitimate and solid. An alleviation in nowadays of pre-bundled tension and outrage. A much needed refresher among the such huge numbers of groups that simply make an insincere effort. Basically, “Capers” is their most brave and provoking record to date. JUSTICE have gone the whole distance, both musically and expressively, to give us 110 percent. Not much. They’ve put their hearts in plain view and have burrowed further than at any other time to compose the best pack of melodies they could.

Two of these melodies could as of now be heard on 2006’s “Here and there/Push It To Edge” EP, which previously filled in as a decent sign of what was still to come. This is a record that will take some becoming accustomed to and will just uncover its actual power after a few twists. When it grasps a you however, it won’t let go. From the anthemic and irresistible opener “I Need Air” (including Richie Birkenhead on visitor vocals), through the vigorously scoring “Uncertain” and right to the thoughtful and shockingly smooth last melody titled “We truly Laughed”, “Ventures” is a serious record. It wanders aimlessly, backs off and accelerates, all at the correct occasions. It is melodic, however never frail. It is straightforward and passionate, yet never silly or weak. “Adventures” is justice’s identity Honest. Solid. Genuine.

Justice Played their last demonstrate the eighth of March 2008 and discharged one last 12″ ep alongside their destruction.