Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien (conceived Ellen Fraatz) is an effective electronic performer, music maker and the proprietor of the music mark Bpitch Control. She lives in Berlin, Germany, however ventures broadly. She sings in both German and English. Allien has said that one of the principle motivations for her music is the way of life of reunified Berlin; her collection “Stadtkind” was devoted to the city.

Life story:

1989 – Ellen Allien lived for one year in London where she previously came into contact with electronic music. When she later came back to Berlin, electronic music had turned out to be progressively prevalent in Germany.

1992 – She worked in the “Fischlabor” where she got intrigued by DJ-ing. She later turned into an occupant DJ there and furthermore set down tracks in the ‘Fortification’, ‘Tresor’, and the ‘E-Werk’. At around a similar time, she began her own show on the Berlin radio station Kiss-FM and made her very own record name, calling them both “Braincandy.” Due to inconsistencies with distributers, she surrendered Braincandy again in 1997 and rather, sorted out gatherings under the name “B Pitch”.

1999 – Allien made the name Bpitch Control. With productions of Sascha Funke and Tok the name turned out to be fruitful.

2001 – Allien discharged her first collection, Stadtkind (City Child).

2003 – Ellen discharged her second studio collection Berlinette, as a team with Apparat (otherwise known as Sascha Ring).

2005 – She issued her third studio collection, Thrills.

2005 – Allien made a Bpitch sub-name for negligible tech and insignificant house, called “Notice Musik”; first craftsmen are Ben Block, and Zander VT.

2006 – Ellen Allien and Apparat discharged the collection Orchestra of Bubbles.

2007 – Allien was the main female craftsman to blend for the Fabric arrangement (Fabric 34: Ellen Allien).

2008 – She discharged blend collection titled Boogybytes, vol. 04.

2008 – After the demise of her grandma, Allien discharged her studio collection Sool.

2010 – Ellen issued the studio collection Dust.