Anthony Rother

Anthony Rother is an electronic music writer, maker and name proprietor living in Frankfurt, Germany. He is one of the craftsmen in charge of the turn-of-the-thousand years recovery of the electro classification, which was initially presented in the late 1970’s by the German band Kraftwerk, who have impacted Rother’s music.

Rother’s electro sound (“Sex With the Machines”, “Simulationszeitalter”, “Programmer”) is described by monotonous machine-like beats, mechanical, vocoder-driven vocals, despairing, advanced mind-set and verses that frequently manage the results of innovative advancement, the connection among people and machines, and the job of PCs in the public arena.

Notwithstanding electro, Rother likewise creates dull surrounding music (“Elixir of Life”, “Craftsmanship Is a Technology”). He possesses and works the record mark PSI49NET, however he has likewise worked with numerous other record names all through his vocation.